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Like most websites, our web server automatically records certain information when you visit; this includes your computer’s IP address, the time, the page requested and information about your browser and operating system. This information is stored securely on our systems and is used to troubleshoot potential issues and monitor access to the web server.

Information you enter when registering an account is stored securely on our servers, and will be displayed alongside your contributions on the website. Please contact us if you have any queries or concerns.


Google Analytics

This site uses cookies, and the cookies from Google Analytics have already been set. If you do not agree to this site setting cookies on your computer then please exit the site and remove any cookies that may already have been set: How to delete cookies (aboutcookies.org).

This website uses Google Analytics which provides us with statistical information about how people use our website; for example the pages visited, the length of time spent on each page, whether visitors are new or returning and what site referred the visitor to our website. We use this information to help improve our website. Your IP address is anonymised before data is sent, and we do not share visitor information with any other Google services. Google analytics sets the following cookies:

_ga is used to determine the current visitor session
Expires: 2 years after being set

_gat is used to throttle request rate
Expires: 10 minutes after being set

_gid is used to distinguish users
Expires: 24 hours after being set

More information about these cookies is available on the Google Analytics website.

Google Maps

We use the Google Maps service to provide extra information on our website. This service sets a third-party cookie on your browser for the google.com domain.

NID is used to store your user preferences
Expires: ~6 months after being set

For more information please see Google's cookie information.

Our website

We set a couple of other cookies to enhance your user experience, and support the normal operation of the website.

cookie-agreed stores that you have agreed to cookies being set on your computer.
Expires: 1 year after being set

has_js stores whether your browser supports JavaScript, to enhance the website's user experience.
Expires: end of session