The vector-APP coronagraph: producing dark holes in PSFs all over the world

The vector-APP is a pupil-plane coronagraph based on advanced liquid-crystal technology that produces deep dark holes in the PSFs of stars, such that the light of planetary companions can be more easily detected and characterized. The vector-APP's benefits include tip/tilt-insensitivity, contrast performance over spectral ranges of more than one octave, and the possibility of adding PSFs for focal-plane wavefront sensing. This poster provides an overview of on-sky results from vector-APP devices installed at MagAO, LBT/LMIRcam, Subaru/SCExAO, and WHT/LEXI, and introduces designs for MagAO-X, the HiCIBaS balloon experiment, VLT/ERIS, VLT SPHERE, and the ELT instruments MICADO and METIS.

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