Unmasking hidden planets and false positives: the curious case of NGTS-3Ab

I will highlight an innovative candidate vetting approach which unmasked the hidden NGTS-3Ab, a hot Jupiter transiting the primary star in an unresolved binary system. Without this novel, thorough analysis, the signal would have been either miss-classified or erroneously disregarded. Such systems can only be identified through the conjoint analysis of multi-colour photometry, centroiding, radial velocity (RV) cross-correlation functions (CCFs) and their bisectors in a Bayesian framework. The scientific merit of transit surveys is limited by these hidden systems: blended eclipsing binaries mimic shallow exoplanet transits, while constant blends lead to underestimation of planets' radii. With TESS on the horizon, the presented findings emphasise that it is pivotal to consider all possible follow-up information from multi-colour photometry, centroiding and RV CCF profiles.

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