Short communications

Tuesday 3 July, 11:20

Short communication 1 - Jens Hoeijmakers:

Title:  The atmosphere of Kelt-9 b as seen by HARPS-North.

Abstract:  Kelt-9 b orbits its hot A-type host star at a distance of only three stellar radii.
In this environment, it is the hottest exoplanet known to date; with an equilibrium temperature around 4,000K.
In Kitzmann et al. 2018 we predicted that under such conditions, most species in the atmosphere of Kelt-9 b should be atomic, and that there should be no more than trace amounts of molecules and no aerosols.
In this sense, the atmosphere may resemble that of a K-dwarf stellar photosphere, and this motivated our search for the presence of iron and titanium - the strongest line absorbers in the photospheres of cool dwarf stars.
With this talk I will present the result of our search for iron and titanium in the atmosphere of Kelt-9 b, using the high resolution cross-correlation technique applied to transit transmission spectra by the HARPS-North spectrograph.