Seven new giant planets in the solar neighborhood

The historical CORALIE planet search program is on-going since 1998 and aims at monitoring solar type stars in the southern hemisphere within 50 pc of the Sun. With an observing time span of 20 years, the survey is now able to detect massive giant planets at separations up to 5-10 AU, well beyond the ice line of the stars.

We present here the detection of 7 new giant planets with periods ranging from 83 to 4468 days and minimum masses from 0.4 to 9 MJup.

These discoveries help build a better statistical sample and will allow to derive the occurence of giant planets beyond the ice line, which will bring new constraints on formation and migration scenarii. Such systems are also being observed by GAIA since mid-2014, which will allow, in the coming years, to derive the true mass of the planets and reveal the nature of the most massive giant planets.


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