Is the ring inside or outside the planet?: The effect of planet migration on dust rings

Planet migration can shape the evolution of planets in protoplanetary discs and ultimately move them towards the locations at which they are discovered.  Currently we have no direct observational test to determine if a planet is migrating in a protoplanetary disc.  We explore the formation and evolution of dust rings in the presence of low mass (12-60 M⊕) migrating planets. Through two dimensional hydrodynamical simulations using gas and dust we find that the importance of perturbations in the pressure profile interior and exterior to the planet varies for different particle sizes. For small sizes, the dust enhancement occurs interior to the planet whereas it is exterior to it for large particles. We predict that if the location of an observed dust ring in the midplane significantly shifts outwards as the wavelength is increased, this would be an observational signature of a migrating planet.

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