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Poster boards will be 2m high by 1m wide, please ensure your poster fits within this area (e.g. A0 portrait would be suitable).  Hangers (velcro) will be provided to attach your poster to the board.  Poster boards will be numbered and you have been allocated a specific board number on which to hang your poster - these numbers are listed alongside your poster title below.  Posters are located within the Poster Labyrinth ("an enormous otherworldly maze") - click here to help navigate the maze.   We hope the numbering scheme will make it easier for interested participants to find your poster.

Posters can be displayed all week with two specific poster viewing sessions on Tuesday and Thursday evening.  The poster viewing sessions come with a free drinks voucher to encourage participants to come and visit your poster and talk with you about your research.

# Title Author Themes
1 Probing the dust population of debris disks with HST Elodie Choquet Planet detection, Planet structure
2 Investigating the Orbital Decay of Exoplanets through Transit Observations Ing-Guey Jiang Orbit dynamics, Planet detection
3 The eccentricities and inclinations of close-in super-Earths through in-situ giant impacts Yuji Matsumoto Planet formation, Orbit dynamics
4 Stellar Oscillations Tidally Induced by a Planetary Companion Andrew Bunting Planet detection, Stellar hosts
5 Simultaneous inference of telescope pixel response functions and detector systematics for space-based transit searches Benjamin Montet Planet detection
6 The orbital evolution of exoplanets in direct-imaged multiple planetary systems Li-Chin Yeh Orbit dynamics, Planet structure
7 Evidence of an ice giant planet, formed in situ and sculpting the debris disc around HD107146 Sebastian Marino Planet detection, Orbit dynamics
8 The MAROON-X Spectrograph Emily Gilbert Instrumentation, Planet detection
9 The GJ 436 system : breakthroughs into the orbital and atmospheric characterization of exoplanets Vincent Bourrier Orbit dynamics, Planet atmosphere
10 Planet-disc interactions in wind-driven protoplanetary discs Colin Mcnally Planet formation, Orbit dynamics
11 Finding Patterns in Planets: A neural network approach to the exoplanet dataset Elizabeth Tasker Planet detection, Planet structure
12 The Ground-Based Transmission Spectrum of HD 189733b as Generated through Multiple Broadband Filter Observations David Kasper Planet detection, Planet atmosphere
13 Exoplanetary Science with Veloce in the Age of TESS Chris Tinney Planet detection, Instrumentation
14 Radial migration of gap-opening planets in protoplanetary disks Kazuhiro Kanagawa Planet formation, Orbit dynamics
15 Do polluted white dwarfs host super-Earths on wide orbits? Simulations of systems of planets and asteroids over the host star's life and death Alexander Mustill Orbit dynamics, Stellar hosts
16 Missing Water in the Beta Pictoris System M. Cavallius Planet formation
17 Phase and transit curves of non-spherical planets Hugo Hellard Planet structure
18 Dust-free modeling of dusty protoplanetary discs Min-Kai Lin Planet formation
19 Detecting extraterrestrial oxygen with the ELT Dilovan Serindag Life, HZ, prebiotic chemistry, Planet atmosphere
20 Detection of a New Planet in a Resonant Orbit Using Transit Timing Variations Chris Fox Planet detection, Orbit dynamics
21 Characterization of extrasolar multi-planet systems by Transit Time Variation Judith Korth Planet detection, Orbit dynamics
22 Equatorial Jet Shear in Shallow-Water Models of Tidally Locked Planetary Atmospheres Mark Hammond Planet atmosphere
23 Warping a protoplanetary disc with a misaligned planet Rebecca Nealon Orbit dynamics, Planet detection
24 Complex network analysis of the exoplanetary observables Tamas Kovacs Orbit dynamics
25 Search for Hα from accreting protoplanets with SCExAO/VMAPIRES Taichi Uyama Planet formation, Instrumentation
26 Simulating dust in SPH: a new model or HL Tau Giulia Ballabio Planet formation
27 The CUTE Small Satellite Mission Luca Fossati Instrumentation
28 Characterizing Earth Analogs in Reflected Light: Atmospheric Retrieval Studies for Future Space Telescopes Kat Feng Planet atmosphere, Life, HZ, prebiotic chemistry
29 Revealing thermospheres of exoplanets from high-resolution spectroscopy J. V. Seidel Planet atmosphere
30 Estimating the albedo of the exoplanets in presence of stellar activity Luisa Maria Serrano Planet detection, Planet atmosphere
32 Planetary Magnetism as a Factor of Exoplanet Habitability Sarah McIntyre Life, HZ, prebiotic chemistry, Planet structure
33 Inferring Planet Properties from Transit Timing Variations Itai Linial Orbit dynamics, Planet detection
34 The disappearing transits of Kepler-9c Jantje Freudenthal Orbit dynamics, Planet structure
35 Biases in Planet Occurrence Caused by Unresolved Binaries in Transit Surveys Luke Bouma Planet detection
36 Applying Transit Lightcurve Techniques to Direct Imaging Planet Detection Matthias Samland Planet detection, Planet atmosphere
37 Stellar obliquities and magnetic activities from Transit Chord Correlation Fei Dai Stellar hosts, Orbit dynamics
38 Validating Monotransits from Space Missions Helen Giles Planet detection
39 The LISEN Survey: looking for exoplanets in the Northern sky Arianna Musso Barcucci Planet detection, Planet formation
40 Retrieval Analysis of 38 WFC3 Transmission Spectra Chloe Fisher Planet atmosphere
41 Using Gaussian processes for precise and robust radial velocity extraction Vinesh Maguire-Rajpaul Planet detection, Stellar hosts
42 Data Analysis Center for Exoplanets - DACE Damien Ségransan Planet detection, Orbit dynamics
44 Disentangling planetary and stellar activity signals in M-dwarf RVs through template matching Melissa Hobson Stellar hosts, Planet detection
45 Transmission Spectroscopy of the Hot-Jupiter WASP-79b from 0.6 to 1.7 um Kristin Showalter Planet atmosphere
46 Expected precision on planet radii with CHEOPS Adrien Deline Planet detection, Instrumentation
47 Electromagnetic star-planet interaction - Modelling observability Christian Fischer Stellar hosts
48 Atmospheric Library of Far Away Worlds Jayesh Goyal Planet atmosphere
49 A New Optical Transmission Spectrum of WASP-43b from ACCESS Ian C. Weaver Planet atmosphere
50 EarthFinder: A Precise Radial Velocity Survey Mission of our Nearest Stellar Neighbors for Earth-Mass Habitable Zone Analogs Using High-Resolution UV-Vis-NIR Echelle Spectroscopy on a Space Platform Patrick Newman Instrumentation, Planet detection
51 Global-mean Vertical Tracer Mixing in 3D Planetary Atmospheres Xi Zhang Planet atmosphere, Life, HZ, prebiotic chemistry
52 Probing Alien Sulfur Cycles: Their Effect on Climate and Implications for Observations Kaitlyn Loftus Planet atmosphere, Life, HZ, prebiotic chemistry
53 Clouds of Fluffy Mineral Particles: a Possible Explanation for the Flat Transmission Spectra of Super-Earths Kazumasa Ohno Planet atmosphere
54 Inferring the presence of planets by application of the Γ-L* relationship to unresolved debris discs Jonathan Marshall Planet detection
55 Formation of close-in super-Earths in evolving protoplanetary disks via disk winds Masahiro Ogihara Planet formation, Planet structure
56 Searching for protoplanets with the Keck/NIRC2 vortex coronagraph Garreth Ruane Planet detection, Instrumentation
57 New insights on the atmospheric structure and dynamics of strongly irradiated exoplanets Jacob Arcangeli Planet atmosphere
58 EPIC 219388192b - An Inhabitant of the Brown Dwarf Desert in the Ruprecht 147 Open Cluster Grzegorz Nowak Planet detection, Planet formation
59 A water-cycle induced planetary scale bifurcation on Earth-like land planets Sirisha Kalidindi Planet atmosphere
60 Kepler’s hidden treasure - circumbinary Earths David Martin Planet detection, Orbit dynamics
61 NGTS-2b: A hot-Jupiter transiting a bright F-dwarf Liam Raynard Planet detection, Planet atmosphere
62 Protoplanet fast growth through atmospheric dust loading Mohamad Ali-Dib Planet formation, Planet atmosphere
63 Trends in Exoplanet Eccentricity with the Kepler CKS Sample Sean Mills Orbit dynamics
64 Data-Driven Methods for Maximum-Precision Radial Velocities Megan Bedell Planet detection
65 Hill stability in the AMD framework Antoine Petit Orbit dynamics, Planet formation
66 CARMENES: Blue Planets Orbiting Red Stars Andreas Quirrenbach Planet detection, Stellar hosts
67 Implications of a Surface on Atmospheric Circulation Erin May Planet atmosphere
68 A planet in a close eccentric binary system around a K giant star: Testing dynamical configurations and the evolution of planetary systems Paul Heeren Planet detection, Orbit dynamics
69 A global view of the atmosphere of hot Jupiters: combining low- to high-resolution transmission spectroscopy Lorenzo Pino Planet atmosphere, Planet formation
70 Investigating stellar RV behavior in Fourier space Chantanelle Nava Stellar hosts, Planet detection
71 Correcting Radial Velocities for Starspot-induced Jitter in the CARMENES Survey Sepideh Sadegi and Diana Kossakowski Stellar hosts, Planet detection
72 WASP-12b: A Case Study on Ultra-Hot Jupiter Atmospheres Taylor James Bell Planet atmosphere
73 High-Resolution Spectroscopy of a Hot Jupiter Samuel Cabot Planet atmosphere
74 Hot Jovian Nights: Understanding the Nightsides of Hot Jupiters Dylan Keating Planet atmosphere
75 Getting FIES ready for TESS René Tronsgaard Instrumentation, Planet detection
76 Ground-based characterization of transiting exoplanets David Nespral Planet atmosphere
77 Variable debris disks as a probe of planet formation Alan Jackson Planet formation
78 Spin-Orbit Misalignments as a Tracer of Planet Migration Marshall C. Johnson Orbit dynamics, Planet formation
79 The Curious Westward Hotspot Offset of CoRoT-2b Lisa Dang Planet atmosphere
80 Virtual Interferometry for the Direct Search of Young Giant Exoplanets Jens Kammerer Planet detection, Planet formation
81 Robust spectral indices for exoplanets observed with JWST Taisiya Kopytova Planet atmosphere, Instrumentation
82 Finding Exoplanets by Assessing the Dynamical Packing of Kepler Multi-Candidate Systems Ana Humphrey Planet detection, Orbit dynamics
83 Planetary Atmospheric Escape in Their Stellar Environments John McCann Planet atmosphere
84 Fingerprints of non-equilibrium chemistry on atmospheric spectra of exoplanets Karan Molaverdikhani Planet atmosphere, Planet formation
85 First results of YSES – a direct imaging survey for exoplanets around solar mass stars in Sco-Cen Alexander Bohn Planet detection, Instrumentation
86 NGTS – The Next Generation Transit Survey Philipp Eigmüller Planet detection, Instrumentation
87 Search for exospheres of temperate exoplanets Leonardo dos Santos Planet atmosphere
88 Detection of Na I and Ha absorption in the atmosphere of MASCARA-2b/KELT-20b Núria Casasayas-Barris Planet atmosphere, Planet atmosphere
89 Understanding the puzzling nature of the ultracool brown dwarf HD 4113 C Emily Rickman Planet atmosphere, Planet detection
90 The ACCESS Transiting Exoplanets Spectroscopy Survey - Methodology, Results to date, Future Prospects David Osip Planet atmosphere, Stellar hosts
91 Interior characterisation in multi-planetary systems: TRAPPIST-1 Caroline Dorn Planet structure, Planet atmosphere
92 Phase curves from space: The legacy of Kepler Diego Hidalgo Soto Planet atmosphere
93 HARPS3 and the Terra Hunting Experiment Samantha Thompson Instrumentation, Planet detection
94 CHAT, a dedicated 0.7m Telescope for Exoplanets Andres Jordan Planet detection, Instrumentation
95 TRAPPIST-1: TTV analysis with the GENGA code Simon Grimm Orbit dynamics, Planet detection
96 The discrepancy between dynamical and theoretical masses for low-mass multiple systems Per Calissendorff Orbit dynamics, Stellar hosts
97 Final Results from SPOTS: The Search for Planets Orbiting Two Stars RUBEN ASENSIO-TORRES Planet detection, Planet formation
98 Complex cloud models in retrieval Jasmina Blecic Planet atmosphere, Planet structure
99 Water build-up on planets orbiting M-Stars via secondary outgassing from the interior Mareike Godolt Planet atmosphere, Life, HZ, prebiotic chemistry
100 A comprehensive survey of transiting exoplanet atmospheres with Spitzer/IRAC Claire Baxter Planet atmosphere
101 On the degeneracy of the planetary spectral slope with orbital parameters Xanthippi Alexoudi Planet atmosphere
102 SUPERSHARP - a space telescope concept for the detection of biosignatures George Hawker Life, HZ, prebiotic chemistry, Instrumentation
103 Evolutionary models of low-mass planets: Cooling curves, magnitudes, and detectability by JWST E. Linder Planet detection, Planet atmosphere
104 Better constraints on parameters: stability studies Manu Stalport Orbit dynamics, Planet detection
105 Results from the GEMINI/GMOS transmission spectral survey of close-in gas giant exoplanets Vatsal Panwar Planet atmosphere
106 Effect of different filtering methods to deal with the granulation noise source Sulis Sophia Planet detection, Stellar hosts
107 Filling the mass-radius diagram with HARPS-N Annelies Mortier Planet detection
108 The star spots of GJ1214 and their application for a lower limit on the spin-orbit alignment Matthias Mallonn Orbit dynamics, Stellar hosts
109 Unmasking hidden planets and false positives: the curious case of NGTS-3Ab Maximilian Günther Planet detection
110 Predictive models of the RV requirement to detect transiting planet masses or, how long does it take to detect all of the TESS planets? Ryan Cloutier Planet detection
111 Starspot occultations in infrared transit spectroscopy? The case of WASP-52b Giovanni Bruno Planet atmosphere, Stellar hosts
112 Slowly-growing Spiral Mode Instabilities in Protostellar Disks Malena Rice Planet formation
113 Icy satellitesimal formation by pairwise collisional growth of dust particles in steady circumplanetary disks Yuhito Shibaike Planet formation
114 Self-consistent, non-irradiated and irradiated exoplanetary atmospheres with HELIOS Matej Malik Planet atmosphere, Planet formation
115 Towards consistent modelling of planetary atmospheres with THOR Joao Mendonca Planet atmosphere, Planet atmosphere
116 Optical secondary eclipse observations of WASP-12b Matthew Hooton Planet atmosphere
117 Reverse population sythesis for observed planets around evolved stars Vera Wolthoff Stellar hosts, Planet formation
118 Shadow Imaging of Transiting Objects Emily Sandford Planet detection
119 A detailed model to constrain the interior and bulk composition of terrestrial Exoplanets Bastien Brugger Planet structure
120 KESPRINT: From warm Jupiters to rocky ultra-short period planets Alexis Smith Planet detection, Planet structure
121 WASP-128b: An inflated brown dwarf companion to a Sun-like primary Vedad Hodzic Planet detection, Planet structure
122 Is the ring inside or outside the planet?: The effect of planet migration on dust rings Farzana Meru Planet formation
123 A Consistent Retrieval Study of Exoplanet Transmission Spectra Patricio Cubillos Planet atmosphere
124 Seven new giant planets in the solar neighborhood raimbault Planet detection
125 Ground-based observations of hot exoplanet thermospheres: first insights and challenges Aurélien Wyttenbach Planet atmosphere, Stellar hosts
126 Vortex Formation and Survival in Protoplanetary Disks subject to Vertical Shear Instability Natascha Manger Planet formation
127 Black Mirror: Detecting the Elusive Reflected Light Signal of 51 Pegasi b Using High Resolution Spectroscopy Eleanor Spring Planet atmosphere, Planet structure
128 New ACCESS observations of WASP-31b: Is there Potassium in its atmosphere? Chima McGruder Planet atmosphere
129 On the thermal bulge of a rotating hot Jupiter Pin-Gao Gu Planet structure
130 PLATO’s yield with YETI FUR - Choose your science Thibaut ROGER Planet detection, Instrumentation
131 Testing the limits of Doppler spectroscopy Stephanie Merritt Planet atmosphere
132 Dynamical deviations from superrotation in hot Jupiters Ludmila Carone Planet atmosphere
133 Statistics of Long Period Gas Giant Planets in Super-Earth Systems Marta L Bryan Planet formation
134 Characterising planets and their host stars in the Gaia era Edward Gillen Planet detection, Stellar hosts
135 Atmospheric Retrieval of Brown Dwarfs Anjali Piette Planet atmosphere
136 Target Selection and Scheduling for the Terra Hunting Experiment Tim Naylor Planet detection, Instrumentation
137 Spectral appearance and detectability of biosignatures of terrestrial planets in the habitable zone of M-dwarfs Fabian Wunderlich Planet atmosphere
138 Highlights of the 120 Nights NACO-ISPY Direct Imaging Survey Stefan Brems Planet detection, Planet formation
139 How Turbulence Can Set the Radial Distribution of Gas Giants Formed by Pebble Accretion Mickey M Rosenthal Planet formation
140 Is the observed morphology of the Elias 2-27 system due to disc self-gravity? Cassandra Hall Planet formation
141 Mass distribution of compact multiple-planet systems Songhu Wang Planet formation, Planet structure
142 Exploring the population of intermediate sized exoplanets through ground-based transit surveys and radial velocity measurements Louise Dyregaard Nielsen Planet structure, Planet detection
143 The atmospheres of two hot, dense planets Michael Zhang Planet atmosphere
144 Following up planet candidates with the Wendelstein observatory Christian Obermeier Planet detection
145 Vortex suppression by planet eccentricity in a disk Jack NG Planet formation
146 Computing Models of M-type Host Stars and their Panchromatic Spectral Output Jeffrey L. Linsky Stellar hosts, Planet atmosphere
147 Deciphering Cloud Properties for the Warm Neptune HAT-P-11b Using Optical Transmission Spectroscopy Yayaati Chachan Planet atmosphere
148 Dynamical Upheaval in Ice Giant Formation Renata Frelikh Planet formation, Orbit dynamics
149 The SPECULOOS Pipeline and First Results from Callisto Catriona Murray Planet detection
150 Radial Velocity Data Analysis with Sparse Recovery Techniques Nathan Hara Planet detection
151 Planet-Planet Scattering and Stellar Flybys Generate Oort Planets Nora Bailey Orbit dynamics
152 The Impact of Stellar Uncertainties on Planetary Atmosphere Parameter Estimation Aishwarya Iyer Planet atmosphere, Stellar hosts
153 A new framework for classifying exoplanet systems Gregory J. Gilbert Planet formation, Orbit dynamics
154 Boyajian's star: Has the mystery been solved? Hans Deeg Stellar hosts
156 X-ray irradiation of planets traversing the photoevaporation valley George King Planet atmosphere, Stellar hosts
157 Obliquity-Driven Sculpting of Exoplanetary Systems Sarah Millholland Orbit dynamics, Planet structure
158 The thermal consequences of giant impacts for planetary atmospheres John B. Biersteker Planet formation, Planet atmosphere
159 Exoplanet Characterization Toolkit (ExoCTK) Jeff Valenti Planet atmosphere, Instrumentation
160 A Study of Companions Around Giant Stars Gaël OTTONI Planet detection, Planet formation
161 The Leiden EXoplanet Instrument (LEXI) - A high-contrast high-dispersion integral field spectrograph for exoplanet detection and characterization. haffert Instrumentation, Planet detection
162 Cassini Phase Curves of the Galilean Satellites and Implications for Direct-Imaging of Icy Exoplanets Laura Mayorga Planet detection, Planet atmosphere
163 Susceptibility of planetary atmospheres to mass loss and growth by planetesimal impacts Mark Wyatt Life, HZ, prebiotic chemistry, Planet atmosphere
164 Planetary Evaporation in 3D: Mechanisms and Consequences. AMR Radiation-Hydrodynamic Simulations of Photoionized Planetary Winds Adam Planet atmosphere, Orbit dynamics
165 Extracting long period variability from NGTS light curves Joshua Briegal Stellar hosts, Planet detection
166 Heralding Extreme Precision Spectroscopy: A Tale of Two Instruments Arpita Roy Planet detection, Instrumentation
167 AstroBEAR AMR MHD Simulations of Planetary Wind Launching Alex Debrecht Planet atmosphere
168 Solar System Bodies for Exoplanet Comparison Jack Madden Planet atmosphere, Life, HZ, prebiotic chemistry
169 Lessons from Earth: Our guide to characterising irradiated habitable worlds Jack O'Malley-James Life, HZ, prebiotic chemistry, Planet atmosphere
170 UV Environments and Atmospheres of Earth-like Planets Orbiting White Dwarfs Thea Kozakis Planet atmosphere, Stellar hosts
171 Rapid Layered Accretion for Small Planetesimals Tyler Takaro Planet formation
172 On the Exomoon Population in Kepler, and the Exomoon Candidate Kepler-1625b I Alex Teachey Planet detection, Planet formation
173 Ground-based transmission spectroscopy of the terrestrial exoplanets GJ 1132b and LHS 1140b Hannah Diamond-Lowe Planet atmosphere
174 Monitoring the sky with HATPI Gaspar Bakos Planet detection, Instrumentation
175 LIFE: Large Interferometer For Exoplanets Sascha P. Quanz Planet detection, Planet atmosphere
176 ACCESS: A featureless optical transmission spectrum for WASP-19b from Magellan/IMACS Néstor Espinoza Planet atmosphere, Planet formation
177 Anticipating the future for exoplanet exploration - a Coronagraph Instrument on the WFIRST observatory John Trauger Instrumentation, Planet atmosphere
178 Assessing Retrievals of Exoplanetary Transit Spectra Luis Welbanks Planet atmosphere
179 SPHERE Observations of Debris Disks Natalia Engler Planet formation
180 Formation of the Laplace resonance around GJ 876 through migration in an eccentric disk Nicolas Cimerman Planet formation, Orbit dynamics
181 The CHEOPS Guest Observers Programme. Kate Isaak Instrumentation, Instrumentation
182 The Influence of Stellar Variability on the Atmosphere of Proxima Centauri b Vanessa Schmidt Planet atmosphere, Life, HZ, prebiotic chemistry
183 The Gemini Planet Imager Exoplanet Survey: Constraints on Wide-Separation Giant Planet Populations from the First 300 Stars Eric Nielsen Planet detection, Stellar hosts
184 Demographics and Direct Imaging of Distant Planets with WFIRST Matthew Penny Planet detection, Planet atmosphere
185 Refractory Carbon Depletion and C/O ratios of Exoplanetary Atmospheres Alex Cridland Planet atmosphere, Planet formation
186 Detection of Heavy Element Chemistry in Exoplanetary Atmospheres Elyar Sedaghati Planet atmosphere
187 An absolute sodium abundance for a cloud-free ‘hot Saturn’ exoplanet Nikolay Nikolov Planet atmosphere, Planet structure
188 Massive trans-Neptunian disc: an alternative to Planet Nine Antranik A. Sefilian Orbit dynamics
189 An Updated Study of the ARIEL Target List Billy Edwards Planet atmosphere, Instrumentation
190 The vector-APP coronagraph: producing dark holes in PSFs all over the world David Doelman Instrumentation, Planet detection
191 An extended hydrogen envelope of the hottest exoplanet KELT-9b Thomas Henning
192 The 0.6-4.55µm _broadband_transmission_spectra_of_TRAPPIST-1_planets Ducrot Planet detection, Instrumentation
193 Bayesian Stellar Parameters and Evolutionary Stages for 372 Giants from the Lick Planet Search Stephan Stock Stellar hosts