NGTS-2b: A hot-Jupiter transiting a bright F-dwarf

The Next Generation Transit Suvey (NGTS) has discovered NGTS-2b, a hot-Jupiter transiting a bright F6V star (6527 K). The planet is in a P=4.51 day orbit and has a mass of 0.53 Mjup and radius of 1.45 Rjup. With a relatively deep (~1.0%) transit around a bright (V=11) host star, NGTS-2b will be a prime target for probing giant planet composition via atmospheric transmission spectroscopy. In addition there is a significant probability that NGTS-2b has a high orbital obliquity which, combined with the stellar brightness and rapid rotation (vsini=13 km/s), make this planet an excellent candidate for Rossiter-McLaughlin follow-up observations. NGTS-2b was confirmed without the need for follow-up photometry, demonstrating the power of NGTS as an exoplanet survey facility.

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