Monitoring the sky with HATPI

HATPI is a unique scientic instrument, which will continuously image
the entire night sky above 30 degree elevation (corresponding to 1 PI
solid angle, or 1/4th of the celestial sphere) at moderately high
spatial resolution (23”/pixel), high time resolution (30 seconds), and
high photometric precision (reaching 2 mmag per point and 0.2
mmag per hour), for an extended duration of >5 years.  HATPI is a
wide-field mosaic camera system, using a “hedgehog" formation of 63
lenses and CCDs, all placed on a single custom-developed mount, and
installed at Las Campanas Observatory in Chile.  Over the course of a
year, HATPI will record 3/4th of the sky.  HATPI data will be processed
in close to real-time, and made public.

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