The Leiden EXoplanet Instrument (LEXI) - A high-contrast high-dispersion integral field spectrograph for exoplanet detection and characterization.

The Leiden EXoplanet Instrument (LEXI) is a bench-mounted high-dispersion integral-field spectrograph (HD-IFS) and high-contrast imager(HCI). Both science instruments (HCI and HD-IFS) are mounted behind a common adaptive optics (AO) system. LEXI combines the characterization capability of high-dispersion spectroscopy with the large dynamic range imaging of high-contrast imaging. This combination can detect and characterize exoplanets in the solar neighborhoud. The HD-IFS produces spectra between 600 and 800 nm at a resolving power of 96000 to image and characterize the faint stellar environment. On this poster I will show and discuss some of the recent on-sky results of LEXI that were obtained at the William Herschel Telescope.

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