Getting FIES ready for TESS

A 200-night TESS follow-up program is being prepared for FIES, the high-resolution Fiber-fed Echelle Spectrograph at the 2.56-meter Nordic Optical Telescope, La Palma. The program will span 3 years and allow for extensive radial velocity observations of bright host stars of exoplanet candidates discovered by the TESS mission.

In preparation for this effort, we are currently upgrading FIES to obtain higher RV precision and stability. In 2017, octagonal fibers were installed, and later this year a pupil slicer and a Fabry-Perot calibration source will be put in place. Furthermore, there are plans to pressure-stabilize the dispersive grating.

The velocity precision is expected to improve by an order of magnitude, reaching a few m/s for the brightest targets. This poster presents the current state of the upgrade and some preliminary results from observations of RV standards.

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