Following up planet candidates with the Wendelstein observatory

The abundance of data from the Kepler, K2 and the upcoming TESS surveys, necessitates dedicated ground-based follow-up operations. We present the efforts of the Wendelstein observatory, located in the Bavarian alps, which has two dedicated instruments for exoplanet follow-up on its modern 2m telescope. Currently, we are following up K2 planet targets and other bright targets. 
The first instrument, 3KK, is a multi-band imager which can observe three bands simultaneously in wavelengths between 300-2000nm. We use the additional information of wavelength dependency to efficiently rule out eclipsing binary false-positive detection scenarios.
The second instrument is the echelle spectrograph FOCES, which we upgraded with a laser frequency comb and optimized to achieve radial velocity accuracies of 1m/s.

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