Final Results from SPOTS: The Search for Planets Orbiting Two Stars

A large number of direct imaging surveys for exoplanets have been performed in recent years, which have yielded the first directly imaged planets and provided constraints on the prevalence and distribution of wide planetary systems. However, these surveys generally focus on single stars, hence binaries and higher-order multiples have not been studied to the same level of scrutiny. This motivated the initiation of the SPOTS survey, which is a completed direct imaging study encompassing 62 close binaries, performed with VLT/NACO and VLT/SPHERE. This survey is the first to systematically study the distribution of wide planets in multiple systems. Here, we will describe the layout of the survey, the result of the follow-up of planetary candidates in the sample, and the detection of novel features in a newly resolved circumbinary disk which may indicate the presence of one or two unseen planetary companions. We will also discuss our statistical analysis of circumbinary planets and its implications on planet formation.

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