EXPRES Precision and First Light Results

Monday 2 July, 11:45

The Extreme PREcision Spectrograph (EXPRES) was commissioned at the Lowell Observatory 4.3-m Discovery Channel Telescope (DCT), Flagstaff, Arizona in February 2018.  EXPRES is environmentally stabilized in a vacuum enclosure.  This R=135,000, fiber-fed, optical spectrograph spans a wavelength range from 390-700 nm.  Wavelength calibration is carried out with a Menlo Systems Laser Frequency Comb.  The multi-instrument port configuration of the DCT allows for high-cadence, flexible scheduling of stars (up to 200 partial nights per year).  The RV precision goal with EXPRES is 10 cm/s; reaching this goal requires successful modeling of the photospheric velocities and microtelluric contamination in our spectra.  We will present our first results from an intensive observing program to detect low mass planets orbiting G, K, and early M dwarf stars.

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