Exoplanet Characterization Toolkit (ExoCTK)

The past decade has seen steady growth in observational and theoretical efforts aimed at going beyond detection towards more fully characterizing exoplanet properties.  Exoplanet atmospheric characterization efforts with Hubble, Spitzer, and ground-based facilities have highlighted the need for open-source software tools and databases that aid the community in planning, analyzing, and interpreting these observational data sets.  Open-source software tools and databases are also critical to benchmarking efforts that ensure the robustness of results obtained using different, and often complementary, methodologies.  The Exoplanet Characterization Toolkit (ExoCTK) provides a collection of curated open-source software tools and databases that are intended to enable a broad range of users to plan and explore exoplanet atmospheric characterization observations. Existing modules support observation planning for JWST, forward modeling, and limb darkening calculations. Modules being actively developed will enable data reduction, IFS spectral extraction, light curve fitting, and atmospheric retrieval. Web tools and data links are available at https://exoctk.stsci.edu. Source code is available at https://github.com/ExoCTK/ExoCTK. Members of the exoplanet community have come together to provide a number of outstanding contributions that will critically enable those new to the field to gain the necessary expertise. ExoCTK will facilitate and enable exoplanet science in the era of JWST, TESS, and beyond. Here we report our substantial progress to date, describe plans for the next year, and solicit community feedback.

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