Data Analysis Center for Exoplanets - DACE

The Data Analysis Center for Exoplanets (DACE, is a "PlanetS" facility hosted at the University of Geneva and dedicated to Extrasolar planet data visualisation, exchange, and analysis. DACE aims at facilitating Exoplanet research and triggering exchanges and collaborations at the international level. 

DACE offers an open access to published exoplanet observational data with a set of advanced online visualisation and data analysis tools. These tools allow to search for planets in both radial velocity time series and transit light curves. In addition, Planetary system Dynamical Evolution and Stability can be studied  through N-body integrations using GENGA, a GPU-based N-body integrator (Grimm & Stadel, 2014)  and by computing stability maps (Laskar 1990, 1993).

Published planet population synthesis (Alibert et al. 2005; Mordasini, 2012; Benz 2015)  are also available with the tools to visualise, study and compare them with observational data.


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