The CHEOPS Guest Observers Programme.

CHEOPS (CHaracterising  ExOPlanet Satellite) is the first exoplanet mission dedicated to the search for transits of exoplanets by means of ultrahigh precision photometry of bright stars already known to host planets. It is the first S class mission in ESA’s Cosmic Vision 2015 -2025. The mission is a partnership between Switzerland and ESA’s science programme, with important contributions from 10 other member states.

 Foreseen to be launch-ready at the very end of this year, CHEOPS will provide the unique capability of determining radii of planets in the super-Earth to Neptune mass range to ∼10 % precision. It will also provide accurate radii for new planets discovered by the next generation of ground-based or space transit surveys (from super-Earth to  Neptune-size). The high photometric precision of CHEOPS will be achieved using a photometer covering the 0.35 -1.1um waveband, designed around a single frame-transfer CCD which is mounted in the focal plane of a 30 cm equivalent aperture diameter, f/5 on -axis Ritchey Chretien telescope.


20% of the observing time in the 3.5 year nominal mission will be available to the Community through the Guest Observers Programme that will be run by ESA.

 In this poster I give an overview of the Guest Observers Programme and the first call, foreseen to come out in September 2018.

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