The Characterising Exoplanets Satellite

Tuesday 3 July, 17:40

CHEOPS, the Characterising Exoplanets Satellite, is Europe's next space telescope dedicated to exoplanets. CHEOPS is a joint project between the European Space Agency and a consortium of 10 European countries led by Switzerland. Thanks to ultra-precise photometry, CHEOPS will search for transits of known exoplanets, measure their radius and perform their first-step characterisation, including: the measurement of occultations in the optical, the search for transit timing variations, the discovery of new planets in known systems. In this last large-scale conference before CHEOPS launch, expected for the beginning of 2019, I will present an overview of the mission and instrument status, the scientific programme and the synergies with other contemporaneous missions. I will also describe the ESA Guest Observer programme opportunity, which will be open to the whole Community.

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