Big Bang to Biosignatures: The LUVOIR Decadal Mission Concept

Friday 6 July, 13:10

The Large UV/Optical/IR Surveyor (LUVOIR) is a concept for a highly capable, multi-wavelength observatory with ambitious science goals.  LUVOIR is one of four Decadal Survey Mission Concept Studies initiated in Jan 2016 in preparation for the US Astro2020 Decadal Survey. This mission would enable great leaps forward in a broad range of science, from the epoch of reionization, through galaxy formation and evolution, star and planet formation, to solar system remote sensing. LUVOIR also has the major goals of characterizing dozens of habitable exoplanet candidates around Sun-like stars and searching them for signs of life, as well as studying a wide range of other types of exoplanets. In this presentation, we will summarize LUVOIR’s broad and revolutionary science goals, discuss the telescope sizes and instrument suite currently being studied, and explain the study process.

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